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Embracing change... when you don't want to.

Humans are creatures of habit; we love our routine, being able to predict patterns, and being aware of what goes around us. However, life is not so mundane and keeps trying to throw curveballs at us - while we flounder helplessly trying to adapt to its challenges. We run from change and in the end, are forced to endure it. Life would be so much easier, if we were prepared to face whatever is thrown at us.

There is so much we can do to to make us comfortable with what we know is inevitable - constant change.

Anticipate change: Change is movement, forward momentum, path to success, and growth. Change is seizing the present and the future in our hands and reveling in the dirth of knowledge. It is the quiet certainty that everything we know now could be blown away by God's plans/fate/karma in an instant. Once we anticipate and look forward to something so life altering, we refuse to fear it. And we start preparing ourselves for all that life throws at us savoring what is now more than we did before.

Enjoy change: Remember being scared to take a roller coaster ride, then finally taking it for the very first time. It terrifies you initially but there is a moment in which the very thing that you were afraid of becomes the embodiment of all that is enjoyable and you revel in it. Life is like that - the more you are scared of doing something, being someone, the more you will end up experiencing it. This inevitability is bittersweet and learning to enjoy it will clear away the stress and bring peace while going through change.

Prepare for change: Babies are born, they grow up. People die, life goes on. Common and trite phrases that define our existence. But we can prepare for these and other events ahead of time. It seems like a morbid excercise to go through but sometimes, imagining the worst at first and then imagining the best, and preparing for both mentally helps us be ready for whatever comes next. We feel the rush of panic imagining the worst that could happen in a particular situation, feel the raw emotion coursing through us, endure the flight or fright response in some cases... and let it wash through us. It becomes almost a cathartic experience and once we bear it, we can go through the practical side of preparing for a situation without getting distracted by the prospect of failing.

There are millions of infinite possibilities presented to us at each juncture of our life. If we keep choosing safely, we will never get to explore our strenghts fully or see what else the world can offer us. Change is never comfortable but it is the catalyst needed to jar us out of our complacency and force us to walk a different, better path.


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