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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants… and learning from the Dwarves

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or unappreciated, at work or at home, I think of all the greatest stories and how the underdog always won in them. In reality, it is harder to see the wins of the people most deserving of it. When you see someone successful, at the top, it is usually because there is a long line of people before them teaching them the way to be successful.

However, when you do hear of someone making it to the very top, despite their unassuming beginnings or lack of a support system, it makes it all the more sweeter to hear. The knowledge that despite the darkness that circumstances surround a person with, they are able to see the light and rise to it, is very inspiring.

Though there are many visionaries who you should follow in your quest to learn from , there are some ordinary people who you can benefit from emulating as well. We can find the best in anyone, if we so choose to look for it.

Here are a few tips to remind yourself why success can be found in the smallest of corners not just the highest of buildings: 1. When you constantly look towards people who are more successful (financially, career wise, family wise) than you, you may start to feel a little insecure. I know I do. Focusing on the people around you - real people who are doing a great job will make you feel more grounded and able to achieve your goals.

2. For every leader you follow, every Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs - try to keep in mind someone relatable too. It could be the cleaning service that cleans your home or office, the mom and pop diner down the street you frequent run by a family or even the high schooler babysitting your kids after school. E.g. showing up on time, doing your job well, doing it with a great attitude are all strengths that we should emulate and can easily observe in the people around us.

3. Try to stay positive and believe in yourself. For every giant you meet, who you think you will never be, reflect on the things that you ARE now. You met a young 30 year old with his own start up and you are still struggling at your job. Instead of focusing on that, think of what he/she must have sacrificed to get there. Maybe they haven't been able to start a family while you are managing to juggle a career, children, and family obligations. I routinely meet people younger than me who are far more successful than I could ever be. Some are single, others do not have kids, still others found that success by focusing their time and energy on their career. If achieving all that success meant not having kids or changing something in my personal life, then I am lucky to be where I am now.

There will always be someone better, more successful, richer or better looking than you. The trick is to know what to aspire to and what to be happy with as it is.

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