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Managing to Do it All... or not?

School has started, work has gotten crazy, and social/extracurricular activities are taking a toll on me. Ever wonder why we are so busy all the time?

We sign up for the extra stuff and then complain when it gets crazy and unmanageable. Sometimes I wonder if it all is worth it.

Let's take it one step at a time, one breath at a time and figure out if keeping busy is worth it or are we just following the crowd?

Taking Quiet Time - Wherever you Can

Brushing aside the noise that surrounds us daily in the form of social media, television, and radio takes an effort. I am so used to constantly being surrounded by noise that even in the car, I am unable to drive to and from my destination without either listening to the radio, talking to someone on the phone, or listening to music on my phone. There is no sacred silence and driving is no longer a solitary act. It needs to be filled with activity and noise, otherwise I feel like I am not making the most of my time.

But maybe, I do not need all this action during the drive and should learn to relax.

Focusing on One Task - And only One

When I come home, I spend time talking to my kids, listening to them play while cooking and organizing. Even then, the simple task of preparing dinner is interrupted by me adding reminders on my phone, texting friends or family or googling stuff I remember to check.

Some things can wait and should wait. The constant mental lists of work that remains to be done exhausts the mind and body and only causes me more stress. We really should just focus on the task at hand and leave the planning to a later time when we are more focused on just that.

Spending Time with Others - Not just yourself and your tablet

My husband and I used to have a nightly routine to watch our favorite TV shows together...that has slowly devolved into us watching our own shows individually on our tablets. We barely talk to each other except when we remember important things that happened during the day or are upcoming...

As I am reflecting on this, I realize if we do not start spending 'real' time together, it could end up affecting our relationship and the things we do as a team.

No wonder, I always think I need a vacation! I am not doing physical labor but the mental exhaustion feels very real.

From now on, I am going to make a concentrated effort to cut down on these bad habits, but if I am not careful I will be in danger of devolving back into the constant churn of working full speed in self imposed isolation as I rush to get things done.

Do you sometimes think that it is all too much?

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