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Keep Calm, It's Nearly Christmas

Holidays are fast approaching and like a satellite making its final orbit before landing, stores are filled with throngs of shoppers fighting to find the perfect gift. As someone who loves the holiday season, but doesn't actually celebrate Christmas, it is both a joy and an eye opening experience to watch people go through the holiday insanity.

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping but there is something about fighting a large crowd that spooks me. When I was younger, I used to love going through the whole routine of standing in line at 5 am for stores to open to score some sale goodies but those days are long past and I would rather sleep in or cuddle with my babies.

It is always good to self reflect and age brings with it a wisdom that we seldom realize. I just had one the other night as I was driving past the outlet mall the day after Black Friday. The line to turn into the mall was frightfully long and as I thought about everyone fighting through traffic and work deadlines to make one last trip to the store, I felt a little sad.

We have commercialized everything so much that we think if we do not find that one perfect gift for our loved ones, we will have failed in making the most of this holiday.

For this holiday season, here's some things you can do to help you relax and really enjoy time together with loved ones:

  1. Really spend time together - instead of just making the motions that many do during the holiday season. Sit and actually converse instead of whipping your phones out right after dinner - which I am very guilty of!

  2. Think of fun activities to do that everyone can get involved in. From throwing around a ball outside (if the weather permits) to cooking a fun meal together, you can involved kids and adults alike.

  3. Take this time to destress even if you have a crazy amount of family visiting. If being with them makes you relaxed, spend time with them. If you are stressed with a lot of people around, take a little time away from them each day so you do not get overwhelmed (and end up causing even more drama).

  4. Finally, stop stressing about the cost or number of presents you gave and received. You got a sock from a cousin, great! You couldn't find the perfect gift for your child or their wish list items were too expensive - no problem!! After all, these are just things - and just the fact that you have a healthy child to shop for or a cousin to spend time with is blessing enough.

Finally, the holidays should be times for cheerful gatherings. Most commonly though, they end up being the cause of severe drama due to frustrations boiling over. Here's to us being kinder, calmer, and more joyful this season - no matter what the provocations.

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