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Being Original in a world of Copies

In the quest for originality, most of us end up following the crowd. And that is visibly apparent in my Instagram and Facebook feeds. The travels we do, the shopping we enjoy, all are enjoyed and influenced by those we deem more popular, rich, or happy than us.

Inspiration is not a bad thing in itself but when it starts leading to resentment and jealousy it becomes a problem. When we cannot achieve what others have despite constantly striving for it, it starts to discourage us instead of inspiring us. I would rather dance to the beat of my own drum than feel small and worthless when I cannot do what others are doing. However, this mantra is hard to follow especially when you are being bombarded with a constant barrage of information.

I started my blog too late and as I learn the basics of managing it (starting with frequent posts which is harder to achieve than I thought), I look to the other blogs for inspiration. And unfortunately most of them are big earners for the blogger themselves so they are full of referrals, ads and purchase links. It is difficult to understand what is plain advertising and what is actually something someone recommends.

Regrettably, this method of blogging has become so popular (and profitable) that most if not all blogs follow a similar format. Apps like Liketoknowit capitalize on this need of being fashionable or cool and encourage daily content linking outfits of the day, suggestions and references to a myriad of options designed to make you look and feel your best.

My mantra to navigate this jungle of recommendations is as follows:

1. Look but don't feel bad

Its simple - I love fashion and clothes and jewelry and makeup - and if I hadn't controlled my impulses, I would be spending even more than I do on the things the bloggers I follow recommend. I enjoy the content, but I try to be super critical of their recommendations.

2. Wait before you buy

This is a simple concept and has helped me so much. Waiting 24 hours before clicking the buy button has gotten me out of a lot of hasty purchases. I hate to return anything so I know if I get something, it will most likely languish in a corner instead of being returned if it does not work out for me. Adding a delay to my purchasing often introduces doubts and concerns about how useful the item will be that never would have occurred to me if I jumped the gun and clicked purchase right away.

Be happy as you are - and look for things to make your life easier not harder. Life is too short to waste over envy, isn't it?

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