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Ode to Progeny

The moments I prayed for you, with the thoughts of having someone to hold forever racing in my mind seem so far away now. Watching you grow up and seeing your curiosity and gentleness to the world around you is so refreshing to see.

I hope the world lets you retain your innocence, and may your questioning nature never be suppressed by the unimaginative around you.

I hope the dignity in your answers is never questioned, and your nobility and discipline lead you to the right path and the right choices.

You are perfect to me, but like all of God's perfect creations, your imperfections make you whole. I wish that the impatient yearnings of your soul quiet down as you live your life and you learn to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings more. I hope you take time to be present in the moment, for the moments will pass by in a flash, as the first eight years of your life did for me.

You barely fit into my arms now as I cuddle you and soon you will be taller than I am. The little things I took for granted will soon cease to exist: your insistence that I sit beside you as you fall asleep, your yelling out proclamations of love as you make your way to an empty room or bathroom, and the many toys you insist you need to sleep with to have a good night's sleep. Like the diapers and wipes, the constant crawling and wobbly walks, the unintelligible gibberish that went by in a flash, these years will also turn into older experiences with a different set of memories.

The one thing that will never change will be my unconditional love for you and how motherhood changed me for you. Life gave me the opportunity to be yours as you are mine. I realized the meaning of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love when I had you. And I strive to become a better person for you every day. You are the answer to my prayers and I remain forever knelt in gratitude for the joy you bring me.


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